Internet Banking services from our Sheridan and Ranchester banks allow our customers to view the following information online:

  • Balance inquiries on checking, savings, CDs, loans accounts, and more
  • Inquiries by check number or amount
  • Transaction search by multiple criteria

Account statements:

  • Previous statement
  • Current statement
  • Previous business day
  • Current business day

Account data can be exported to popular financial management applications such as QuickenTM and Microsoft MoneyTM plus comma separated (.csv) files

  • Maturity dates
  • View front and back of check images and deposit slips
  • Online statements available in Adobe Acrobat format(PDF)
  • Interest information, current and previous year
  • Activity information
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Scheduled transfers
  • Change login user ID and password
  • Change e-mail address
  • Online help

All accounts can be enabled or disabled for online banking access at our Sheridan and Ranchester bank on a customer or account level.

Reset Login Information

If you don’t remember your login information or your account is locked out, please contact Cowboy State Bank at 307-655-2291 and ask that your login information be reset.

Browser Requirements

We require the use of a 128-bit secure browser to login to our Internet Banking website. Our Ranchester and Sheridan bank’s online banking website supports only the following browsers. If you are currently not using one of these browsers, or feel your browser does not meet the security requirements of a 128-bit secure browser, use one of these links to download and install an upgraded version:

Online Demo

This demo is provided to help guide you in using the features and services of our Ranchester and Sheridan bank’s online banking system:

For assistance or more information, please contact Cowboy State Bank.