Your borrowing needs include a combination of operating lines to fund accounts receivable and inventory and term loans to finance equipment and real estate. Our business loan specialists in Sheridan and Ranchester can advise you on the best strategy.

Operating Lines of Credit

Use a revolving operating line to pay the bills and payroll while you wait for inventories to sell and accounts receivable to be collected. Advance requests and pay downs are normally made in person or by telephone. Operating lines of credit from our Sheridan and Ranchester business loan experts are subject to annual review and renewal.

Equipment and Vehicle Loans

You repay term equipment loans from the cash flows generated by the profitable use of that equipment. Our business loan experts in Sheridan and Ranchester will tailor the loan payments to match those cash flows. We finance both new and used equipment over terms ranging from 3 to 10 years depending on the life of the related equipment. Down payments of 20% are generally required unless you have additional suitable collateral to pledge.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Most small business owners want to be their own landlord because of the historical appreciation of real estate. If your business can afford the current rent payments, you can usually qualify for a commercial real estate loan at our Sheridan or Ranchester bank, and become the business’s landlord receiving those monthly rent checks. And when the loan is paid off, those rent checks are another income source and the property is a great retirement asset.

Talk to one of our lenders about purchasing property, refinancing existing debt, or financing additions to your existing property. Our Ranchester and Sheridan business loan specialists have various loan programs, including SBA financing, that can make your ownership dream come true.

Meet our Lending Team

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Rick BertramPresident/Chief Credit Officer
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Kerrie BohlerVice President - Sheridan Branch Manager
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